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Rowen, Gurvey & Win is well-known for its aggressive and zealous representation of its clients. The firm handles every case with the comprehensiveness and diligence necessary to recover the largest settlements and awards for its clients.

From the filing of a workers’ compensation claim form through the entire litigation process, our law firm aggressively pursues maximum benefit recovery and represents the injured worker’s best interests in a timely and effective fashion. Our objective for each client is to obtain the appropriate medical care necessary, and ultimately negotiate the most favorable settlement, or prevail at trial.

The Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win, previously known as the Law Firm of Kenneth H. Rowen, has been specializing in workers’ compensation law since 1968.

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CalVCB to Drop Liens Filed Against Victims of San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

“Fast forward two and a half years, and after several terrorist shooting victims’ workers’ compensation claims were resolved without any indication of liens being pursued against the compensation, CalVCB began filing liens in cases that had not previously been resolved,” Gurvey wrote in his letter to the governor. “That, in and of itself, creates an issue of equal protection under the law.”

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Number of Accredited UR Firms Grows; Attorneys Eager to See Enabling Regs

Alan Gurvey, managing partner of applicants’ firm Rowen, Gurvey & Win, in Sherman Oaks, said it would be nice to see the accreditation requirement and deadlines be taken seriously, “thereby eliminating utilization review organizations who were not compliant and accredited.” He called it a “blemish on the system as a whole” that people handling claims can operate “without scrutiny and without penalty.”

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