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Rowen, Gurvey & Win is well-known for its aggressive and zealous representation of its clients. The firm handles every case with the comprehensiveness and diligence necessary to recover the largest settlements and awards for its clients.

From the filing of a workers’ compensation claim form through the entire litigation process, our law firm aggressively pursues maximum benefit recovery and represents the injured worker’s best interests in a timely and effective fashion. Our objective for each client is to obtain the appropriate medical care necessary, and ultimately negotiate the most favorable settlement, or prevail at trial.

The Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win, previously known as the Law Firm of Kenneth H. Rowen, has been specializing in workers’ compensation law since 1968.

WCIRB Study Links Treatment Delays to Higher Claim Costs

Alan Gurvey called laws related to medical provider networks, utilization review and independent medical review “draconian.” He said "the current system is not sustainable because injured workers are not recovering and getting back on the job as quickly as they should."

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"Carlos & Lisa" on KDOC Interview Alan Gurvey

How to Select a Good Attorney. "The search for a lawyer needs to focus on the lawyer, one who has passsion for winning a case or defending a client.  Passion, persistence and patience are what you need to look for in a lawyer.  The lawyer should have that passion and believe in you so that they are going to advocate for your interests."  Alan Gurvey

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