A Message From Alan Gurvey

We are honored to have been representing injured workers for over 35 years in the great state of California. Throughout this period of time, the state has seen many changes to the workers’ compensation system. In fact, probably the only constant in workers’ compensation law in California is change. It seems like every seven or eight years, the workers’ compensation world is a flutter with its need to deal with new legislation. The most recent major overhaul of the system occurred in 2012 with the passage of SB863. The result was a far reaching exploration into what some chefs might call “half-baked” concepts such as independent medical review, independent bill review, “Return to Work Program” (which is probably a misnomer), “catastrophic” injuries and “add ons”. What it all means is confusing and didactic. And, for better or for worse, it is most likely the major reason why injured workers now, more than ever, need the assistance of an attorney to represent their interests and navigate them through the process. The system has become so convoluted that it has now probably overtaken federal tax law as the most complex area of law known to attorneys.

At the Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win, we remain warriors with nerves of steel, ready to face the challenges before us. We are passionate about what we do and passionate about what we are fighting for…that is, the well-being of the injured worker.

All of us here at the Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win focus on learning the nuances of workers’ compensation law so that we can represent our clients in the most effective way possible. We are unrelenting in our pursuit of beneficial resolutions to the myriad of issues involved in each claim. We do not rest until we know that our clients have received the best settlement out there, or if settlement is not possible, the best result at court.

We appreciate each and everyone of our clients and hope that their future is made just a little bit better because of the zealousness and passion that we have brought to our representation of them.

Alan Gurvey

Managing Partner

Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win