Lopez vs. General Wax (ADJ9365173) (WCAB Van Nuys District Office): Rowen, Gurvey & Win secure 100% PD Award and prove a traumatic amputation was a violent act, allowing for psychiatric PD

WCAB San Francisco, June 19, 2017

While working as a candle maker for the employer, the applicant got her right index finger stuck in the machine, resulting in a partial amputation of the finger.  The date of injury was post-1/1/2013.  The WCJ found that the injury to applicant’s psyche constituted a “violent act” exception under Labor Code 4660.1(c), applying the Larsen and Madson cases.  Therefore, the injury to the applicant’s psyche was compensable, and applicant was found 100% disabled based on the psyche.  The WCAB affirmed.