New Year, New Laws and US Constitutional Law - Guns, Terrorism and Unions

with Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law Attorney and Melissa Lewkowicz, Criminal Defense Attorney

790 KABC, January 9, 2016

Gurvey's Law, when pre-eminent constitutional law expert and 2014's The National Jurist's Most Influential Person in Legal Education, Erwin Chemerinsky, talks guns, terrorism, unions, and law school. As a special treat, Alan Gurvey's Mom, Evelyn Gurvey, will co-host and go toe to toe with Dean Chemerinsky (well, not really). But, you won't believe how Alan's Mom doesn't shy away from a debate, and how eloquent Dean Chemerinsky articulates these important issues. Also, on the show will be the epitome of smart and put-together, criminal defense lawyer, Melissa Lewkowicz, to talk about new laws you need to know about.