Who Poses the Greatest Threat to the Security of the USA and is our Privacy the Cost We Pay for Security?

with Anthony Palermo, former Federal Prosecutor, Ken Sorenson, Asst. US Attorney & Ira Winkler, Cyber-security espionage expert and former NSA Analyst

790 KABC, February 27, 2016

Gurvey's Law addresses two of the most important issues of our time: Who poses the greatest threat to the security of our nation? Is our privacy the cost we pay for security? Joining us are former federal prosecutor Anthony Palermo, who helped try the real-life Russian agent depicted in the Academy-award nominated film, "Bridge of Spies", along with The United States Department of JusticeAssistant U.S. Attorney Ken Sorenson on prosecuting the man who tried to sell secrets of the B2 Stealth Bomber to China. Cyber-security espionage expert and former NSA analyst Ira Winkler examines the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple Inc. fight that might go to the Supreme Court of the United States. This is a show not to be missed!