Election 2016 - California Propositions and Other Important Issues

with Bob Stern, President of the Center for Governmental Studies

790 KABC, November 5, 2016

Alan and Kerri Kasem talk to one of the foremost political experts in #California, Bob Stern. Bob is the former President of the Center for Governmental Studies. You don't want to miss this show before casting your vote, as the discussion will focus on the implications of your #vote for #President, as well as your votes on the California Propositions, focusing on legalizing marijuana, restrictions on ammunition, oversight of lawmakers, the #CitizensUnited case, paying for plastic bags, and other important issues in the election. It's all on the docket for this week’s edition of Gurvey's Law, before you take to the polls. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about what your vote means, by tuning in, or streaming live at KABC.com!