Film thru the Lens of The Law  Global Espionage and Spy Games

with Kevin Lincoln, NY Magazine Sr. Editor & Robert Baer, TIME Intelligence Columnist and from CIA Case Officer

790 KABC, February 18, 2017

Gurvey's Law will examine The Academy Award-nominated films through the lens of the #law with New York Magazine's senior editor, #KevinLincoln. Also joining Alan and Kerri Kasem, with an inside look at the world of global intelligence and #espionage will be author, TIME's intelligence columnist, and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) case officer, Robert Baer. He'll take us from WWII-era #spy games, as seen in the Brad Pitt film, Allied Movie, to reports of mistrust by the U.S. intelligence community of President Donald J. Trump. Tune-in, or stream live at, and we'll see you at the #Oscars!