Mysterious abductions of Princesses Latifa and Shamsa

with attorney David Haigh and Latifa's cousin Marcus Essabri

790 KABC, June 7, 2020

As the story of George Floyd’s death continues to consume America, last weekend Alan and Kerri Kasem turned their attention to a very different civil rights story that is happening abroad. Their focus involves United Arab Emirates prime minister Sheikh Maktoum's missing daughters, princesses Latifa and Shamsa -- whose mysterious whereabouts are making headlines internationally, and, in turn, shedding new light on possible human rights violations within the royal court. Princess Latifa’s attorney David Haigh and her cousin Marcus Essabri joined Gurvey’s Law to discuss her alleged abduction by her father, and explained how a divorce battle between the Sheikh and his estranged wife Princess Haya is exposing the truth behind the ruler’s dark past. Where is Princess Latifa now and why? And how can the U.S. intervene? That was the Gurvey’s Law topic last Sunday and we have a starring cast that talked about it. Filled with international intrigue, you won’t want to miss Gurvey's Law on Sunday's at 5 p.m. on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio.