Sirius XM host and new book "Organizations For People"

with Lawyer/Media Personality Michael Smerconish, and author Bill Baker

790 KABC, November 10, 2019

SiriusXM host, CNN personality, author and lawyer, the wildly popular Michael Smerconish joins Alan and Kerri to talk about his life, career, and, of course, his middle of the road, logical opinions about anything and everything in life, from the news of the day, to the political environment, to popular culture, to infinity and back. And, later in the show, do you work in an unhappy workplace? Bill Baker, one of the co-authors of the new book “Organizations For People”, will discuss how to turn that around by simply changing company morale. Easier said than done? Don't miss Gurvey’s Law on Sundays to hear opinions on how your life can be better and how this country can survive…5 p.m. (L.A. time) Sunday on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and streaming live across the country on!

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