Yelp Reviews, WCAB Appointee and LA Times' One-Sided Take on WC Claims

with Monique Olivier, Attorney in Hassell vs. BIrd

790 KABC, July 21, 2018

Governor Gerry Brown has reportedly appointed an old high school friend, who is 80 years old, and has no legal experience nor knowledge of the workers’ compensation system to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, the highest adjudication court for workers’ compensation cases in California. And, recently, the Los Angeles Times published an article about worker’s compensation abuses by police and firefighters, without apparently giving both sides of the story. Alan will have lots to say about both stories! Also, earlier this month, California’s Supreme Court ruled that Yelp doesn’t have to take down what some say are defamatory reviews about professionals like doctors and lawyers, who can’t necessarily properly defend themselves because of professional confidentiality. Attorney Monique Olivier, who represented the plaintiff in Hassell v. Bird, explains the impact the court decision has on online reviews for professionals. Tune in to on Saturdays to hear the fireworks at 2 p.m. on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and! Subscribe to listen in on Apple Podcasts on the go and give us a rating!