Congressman Brad Sherman and Author Areva Martin, "Make it Rain!"

with Brad Sherman, US Congressman and Areva Martin, Author and Civil Rights Attorney

790 KABC, April 14, 2018

It’s been a busy week for Congressman Brad Sherman, having spent time on the hot seat with both Tucker Carlson Tonight and Chris Wallace... well, the seat doesn't cool off as he joins Alan and Kerri to talk China, North Korea, the Census, tax law, cryptocurrencies, his combs, Donald J. Trump and more! Then, civil rights attorney, women's and children's rights advocate and legal analyst, Areva Martin, talks to Alan and Kerri about her new book "Make it Rain!", which is an acclaimed look at how to use media to revolutionize and build your brand. Don't miss Gurvey's Law on Saturdays, at 2 p.m. on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and!