Power Couple: Amani Hanson Talks Reproductive Law & Joselio Hanson Chimes in on All Things NFL

with Amani Hanson, Reproductive and Fertility Law Attorney and Joselio Hanson, Former NFL Defensive Back

790 KABC, March 24, 2018

Power couple Amani and Joselio Hanson come in studio to talk to Alan and Kerri about law, life, marriage and football! A lawyer specializing in the complexities of “family building” cases, Amani Hanson, will give us the 411 on the latest in surrogacy, parental rights, and egg and embryo donation issues, as she discusses her life as a reproductive and fertility law specialist (and, being married to a 10 year NFL veteran)! Not to be outdone by his accomplished wife, former Philadelphia EaglesSan Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders defensive back Joselio Hanson chips in with his views of NFL salaries, football injuries, kneeling for the anthem, and life in the NFL. Don't miss our first episode back from spring break and LA Kings hockey, as we talk babies and football, an oxymoron worth hearing about! Tune into Gurvey’s Law Saturdays from 2 pm to 3 pm on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and www.kabc.com! Don’t forget to visit gurveyslaw.com to hear all of the Gurvey’s Law podcasts.