Gay Rights vs. Freedom of Religion, First Transgender Judge & Kerri Kasem is being sued!

with Phyllis Frye, Openly Transgender Judge, Kristen Waggoner, Attorney for Masterpiece Cakeshop and Steve Shuman, Attorney for Kerri Kasem

790 KABC, July 1, 2017

Gurvey's Law celebrates #4thofJuly a little early on Saturday with a show dedicated to our country's commitment to basic freedoms and individual rights. This week The Supreme Court of the United States, #SCOTUS, finally announced that it will hear a much anticipated gay rights versus freedom of religion/free speech case, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, that many believe will be the blockbuster case of the year. Of course, Gurvey's Law is all over it! Kristen Waggoner, one of the attorneys representing the cake shop owner, talks to Alan and Kerri about the case. As well, keeping with our salute to our country's diversity and far reaching freedoms, the nation's first openly transgender judge, Phyllis Frye, talks about her experiences on the bench. Many of you may have already heard that our very own Kerri Kasem (and her siblings) were sued this past week by her late father's wife, Jean Kasem, in a wrongful death lawsuit. Kerri and her attorney, Steve Shuman, will fill us all in, first hand, with the story. So, let the fireworks begin, and celebrate all that is special about the USA with a jam packed edition of Gurvey's Law!