Cryptocurrency's Future: Mining for Answers

with Cameron Chell, Entrepreneur, Matt Crowley, Venture Attorney and Jeffrey Miron, Harvard University Economics Professor

790 KABC, January 20, 2018

What is the future of #Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? As the price of Bitcoin continues to cause awe with dramatic swings, is this the beginning or the end of the cryptocurrency “bubble”? What are the telltale signs that you should be looking at when considering your options? Will governments intervene with regulatory measures? How will regulation affect the prices of cryptocurrencies? The answers to these questions and others are really what everyone wants to know. After doing a show on Bitcoin in 2014, before anyone really knew what it was all about, Gurvey’s Law once again tackles the subject in 2018. Hosts Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem mine for answers with three accomplished cryptocurrency experts. Entrepreneur Cameron Chell, attorney Matt Crowley, and Harvard University economics professor Jeffrey Miron provide for a fascinating discussion on cryptocurrencies moving forward. If you have any interest in buying, selling or just learning, this is a show that just cannot be missed. That’s Gurvey’s Law on Saturdays at 2 pm on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio in LA, and streaming live throughout the world on!