"Roman J. Israel, Esq." and Social Justice & Employees with a Criminal Record? & Tax Reform Proposal

with Dan Gilroy, Oscar-Nominated Film Maker, Writer and Director, Phil Hernandez, Attorney/National Law Project and Darryl Gross, CPA

790 KABC, November 4, 2017

Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem interview acclaimed Oscar-nominated filmmaker Dan Gilroy about his new movie, Roman J Israel, Esq. - 2017, the story of a lawyer dedicated to doing what is right. The writer-director reveals what it was like working with Denzel Washington, and why he decided to write a story about social justice... and lawyers! And later, should employers be allowed to fire an employee if they have a criminal record? Attorney Phil Hernandez from the National Employment Law Project discusses the far reaching implications of the case, Texas vs. EEOC. And, then, if that isn't enough, CPA Darryl Gross talks about the long awaited tax reform proposal, providing insight into what might impact you. Don't miss this jam-packed episode.