Saluting the Academy Awards: Ripping through the Legal Controversies

with Larry Zerner, Entertainment Attorney and Prior Actor

790 KABC, February 21, 2015

And the Oscar goes to...Gurvey’s Law for Most Entertaining Radio Show Masquerading as a Legal Show! Seriously, though, Gurvey’s Law goes Hollywood as we talk movies nominated for Academy Awards. Did you know that five of the movies nominated for Best Picture have been questioned about the facts underlying the “fiction”? Gurvey’s Law will be saluting the Academy Awards by ripping through the legal controversies in these movies. Kerri Kasem and Alan Gurvey will also be talking about the hundreds of copyright infringement lawsuits filed in the past year accusing defendants of downloading Oscar nominated movies through a peer-to-peer file sharing program. And, we will also discuss so called “Morality Clauses” in entertainment, sports and media contracts...that would be you, Brian Williams and Aaron Hernandez! Joining us will be pre-eminent entertainment attorney, Larry Zerner, who not only knows how to expertly handle these cases, but, in a previous life, was an actor himself.