Brian Dunn of Cochran Law and "Botched" Part Two

with Brian Dunn, Civil Rights, Personal Injury and Litigation Attorney

790 KABC, March 14, 2015

One of our listeners said that he would be really impressed if we had Johnnie Cochran on the show. Well, he better be ready to be impressed because we have the next best thing to Johnnie Cochran, Brian Dunn. Brian Dunn, the “heir apparent” is the Cochran Firm’s go to guy when it comes to litigating difficult cases. He will be in studio on SATURDAY 3/14/15 at 2:00PM with Alan Gurvey & Kerri Kasem discussing some of the most important cases that he has been involved with. Also, we have an epilogue of our story last week on the TV show “Botched” regarding legal clearance, which you do not want to miss.