"Woman In Gold": Reclaiming the Artwork of Gustav Klimt stolen by the Nazis

with Donald Burris & E. Randol Schoenbuerg, Attorneys for the rightful owner, Maria Altmann

790 KABC, April 25, 2015

Gurvey's Law is proud to be joined by attorneys Donald Burris & E. Randol Schoenberg, who is played by Ryan Reynolds in the recent theatrical release, Woman In Gold, also starring Helen Mirren and Katie Holmes. Mr. Schoenberg and Mr. Burris fought the Austrian government to reclaim the artwork of Gustav Klimt, stolen by the Nazi authorities during the Holocaust. The paintings valued at over $325 million, were finally returned to their rightful owner, the late Maria Altmann. Alan Gurvey & Kerri Kasem will discuss the legal challenges that Mr. Schoenberg and Mr. Burris battle to have priceless artwork returned to their owners as seen in the The Weinstein Company movie.