Alan Gurvey, Panel Speaker on "Mental Conditions That Impair Professional Competence"

Alan Gurvey was a featured speaker at the California Applicants’ Attorney Association Convention in Palm Springs on Friday, January 24th, 2014.  Alan’s panel was titled “Mental Conditions That Impair Professional Competence” and the panel members were two other well respected attorneys, Saul Allweiss, Esq. and Terri Cheney, Esq., as well as psychiatrist doctor, Dr. Gabor Vari.  The panel focused on the workers’ compensation practice and industry has become more stressful than ever.  This panel discussed specific issues such as:

     How are attorneys dealing with stress? Are there diagnosable mental conditions that explain the inability to effectively cope?

     Are there psychological conditions that result from the rigors of being a lawyer (i.e., long hours, heavy files, adversarial system, undue pressure, the immediacy of email communications, etc.)?

          The different types of mental disorders, including disorders of thought, mood and behavior.


           Are we suffering the same symptoms as our clients…sleep impairment, headaches, irritable bowel and effects of medications?


           Does the attorney’s mental condition result in reduced ability to function psychologically, socially, occupationally or interpersonally?


           Do mental conditions impair an attorney’s ability to apply sufficient learning, skill and diligence necessary to practice competently?


      This panel discussed coping techniques, balance and healthy living.