CAAA 2014 Women’s Symposium

A few of the women from the Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win attended the CAAA 2014 Women’s Symposium.  The CAAA 2014 Women’s Symposium was held on February 12, 2014 in Sacramento discussing a symposium on working women’s on-the-job injuries, and how they might be better prevented, addressed and cured.  The program was built upon research to generate policies and practices to reduce, and better cure, women’s injuries in the workplace.  They focused on issues of under-reporting of work injuries by immigrant workers, women who are concentrated in lower-paying jobs, some of which are injury prone, more women are working in traditionally male dominated jobs such as construction and trucking industries, and how can cumulative trauma (CT) injuries be better prevented and addressed.

The CAAA 2014 Women’s Symposium included ideas for legislation, regulations, industry safety practices and programs and educational programs.  There were featured speakers of: Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez, Assembly Member Shirley Weber, Assembly Member Cristina Garcia, Christine Baker (Director of the Dept. of Industrial Relations), Ronnie Caplane (Commissioner Chair of the WCAB), Meg Vasey (Executive Director of Tradeswomen, Inc.), Melissa Brown, Esq., Maureen Miner (President of CSIMS), Gloria Ramirez (Deputy Labor Commissioner), Esperanza Ross (UFW Legislative Advocate), Dorothy Wigmore (Occupational Health Specialist), Yaa Asantew (Injured Worker), Millie Melum Sorrentino (Injured Worker) and Jana Roundtree (Injured Worker).  Special guest appearances were made by: Senator Ellen Corbett, Assmbly Member Toni Atkins as well as Assembly Member Steve Fox and Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian.