Rise and Fall in the Fashion Industry

with Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel and Keith Fink, Litigation Attorney

790 KABC, September 30, 2017

IT'S THE BEST OF GURVEY'S LAW... Dov Charney, the controversial founder of the once wildly successful clothing retailer, American Apparel, turned the fashion world upside down with billions of dollars in sales and a salacious marketing campaign. He defied the odds, rising from a modest Canadian upbringing to the golden child of the fashion industry. Amidst widespread media attention over allegations of behavioral and financial misconduct, Dov unabashedly let American Apparel to record profits, until 2014, when he was unceremoniously ousted as the CEO of the empire he created. Since then he watched the business fall into bankruptcy, all the while filing lawsuits against his former company, a hedge fund company and his former lawyer. With that drama mostly in the rear view mirror now, the magnetic entrepreneur says he’s ready for the next chapter of his life as he introduces a new clothing brand that celebrates Los Angeles, fair pay for labor, relaxed fits and the contributions of immigrants. If you missed the interview the first time around, here's your chance to hear Kerri Kasem and Alan Gurvey's candid hour long conversation with the incomparable Dov Charney and his attorney Keith Fink (who once represented plaintiffs against Dov).