Dubai’s missing Princess & a billionaires legal battle with a former employee

with Guest host Lauren Sivan, human rights lawyer & head of the #FreeLatifa campaign, David Haigh and billionaire businessman Alki David

790 KABC, July 19, 2021

Don’t miss the latest Gurvey’s Law podcast, which aired on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio on Thursday, July 15th. This episode features Alan Gurvey, Lauren Sivan, and two international, powerhouse guests! First up, a human rights lawyer and head of the #FreeLatifa campaign, David Haigh, gives us an update on the whereabouts of Dubai’s missing Princess Latifa. Then, billionaire businessman Alki David discusses his legal battle involving a former employee and attorney Lisa Bloom! You can listen to this Gurvey’s Law podcast, and all of the others right here at, Apple Podcasts, and audioBoom!