US Constitution <> 2nd Amendment Cases <> Freedom of the Press

with Sanford Levinson, Constitutional Scholar and Law Professor, Alan Gura, Litigation Attorney and Ken Kokin, Film Producer

790 KABC, March 4, 2017

Gurvey's Law takes an in-depth look at how the U.S. #Constitution will  be interpreted, applied, and “upheld”, under the administration of President Donald J. Trump. Joining Alan will be one of the most influential #attorneys in our country, Alan Gura, who successfully argued two landmark #SecondAmendment #gun cases in front of the #UnitedStatesSupremeCourt. Then, legal scholar, prolific author and globally-recognized law professor, Sandford Levinson, will join the discussion. Don’t miss the debate on #constitutional interpretation, #gunrights, Supreme Court nominee #NeilGorsuch#antisemitism and the current divisive climate in America. And, if that’s not enough, special guest and #producer of films, #TheWayoftheGun and The Usual SuspectsKen Kokin, provides an editorial on guns in America.