Father's Day special

with former police officer and college football player Brandon Tatum and the star of Fox's "Labor of Love," Kristy Katzmann

790 KABC, June 21, 2020

Alan and Kerri Kasem presented their annual Father’s Day Special, taking a break from COVID talk to celebrate fathers of all races, religions and creeds. Joining the dynamic duo was two very special guests who have unique perspectives on fatherhood. In the first half hour, former police officer, college football player turned viral sensation, and now featured in the new documentary, “Uncle Tom”, Brandon Tatum answered questions about all of the hottest issues of the day. Hear Brandon talk about African American fathers, his views on kneeling for the anthem, Rayshard Brooks, affirmative action, and #BlackLivesMatter. Then, it was all about the “dad-chelors”, as we featured the so-called baby-making reality show that is sweeping the nation! Kristy Katzmann, the star of Fox's "Labor of Love," dished on why she turned to TV to find a mate to conceive a little one with. Does she now have a baby daddy who she will be able to say Happy Father’s Day to? Intrigued? So are we! Tune in to Gurvey’s Law Sunday's at 5 pm on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadioKABC.com and Alexa!