Trump's Travel Ban  Fraudulent Guardianship  NCAA March Madness

with John Eastman, Law Professor, Mark Mermelstein, White Collar Attorney and Rob Stone, Sports Commentator

790 KABC, March 18, 2017

Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem discuss the travails of the Donald J. Trump travel ban with Chapman University Fowler School of Law professor, #JohnEastman . Then, Kerri Kasem and attorney, Mark Mermelstein, Esq.. of the Orrick Law Firm talk about what the Kasem Cares Foundation is doing to stop so-called fraudulent #guardianship. Kerri and Mark will provide compelling examples of people being put into facilities, primarily by family members, and the Kasem Cares' attempts to rescue them from this #civilrights imprisonment and a flawed court system. Finally, Gurvey's Law welcomes FOX Sports' lead NCAA March Madness #basketball host, Rob Stone, who will break down the real issues of #MarchMadness