Legalizing Cannabis and Favorite Pot Stocks

with Law360 Reporter Sam Reisman and CNBC's Fast Money Tim Seymour

790 KABC, September 8, 2019

It's the dopest episode of the year! This weekend, Gurvey’s Law explores the complex legal issues dealing with one of the most controversial topics of this millennium, cannabis. Alan goes in the weeds with Law360 reporter Sam Reisman as they look at the grass roots movement to legalize the drug both on the state and federal level. Alan will hash it out with Sam, focusing on the ethical and business considerations for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. The debate is a tough one, but no pot shots will be taken. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and, in the second half hour, investment guru and featured personality on CNBC’s Fast Money, Tim Seymour, gives us the dope on cannabis investing. Hear Tim’s valued advice on his favorite pot stocks and why he launched his own cannabis ETF. Don't miss all the highs in the joint! Listen in on Sundays to Gurvey’s Law at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST on KABC Talkradio and streaming live on!