Legal Questions? Call Us!

with Troy Slaten, Media Legal Expert

790 KABC, December 1, 2018

So many people have questions about legal or quasi-legal issues that they may be facing right now in their lives. Getting an answer from a lawyer can be really expensive and really difficult to facilitate. Well, folks, here is your chance to get real legal advice without paying a penny! Listen to the phone calls to Gurvey’s Law  received on Saturday, December 1st! Now, we can’t guarantee that the advice will solve all of your problems, or even be helpful (you might need a therapist’s advice too!), but it can’t hurt, can it? Joining Alan and Kerri to man the phones will be well respected media legal expert Troy Slaten, who has an answer for any legal problem. Of course, you can also take advantage of asking a question to one of the most renowned workers’ compensation legal experts around, Alan Gurvey, as well. Listen to KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio or between 2-3 p.m PST  on Saturdays. Like Gurvey's Law on Facebook and message us with your ideas of what you would like to hear on the Gurvey's Law broadcasts.