"Safe Haven in America" and Immigration Law

with Michael J. Wildes, immigration attorney and author

790 KABC, August 11, 2018

When celebrities need counsel on U.S. immigration matters, chances are attorney Michael J. Wildes is somewhere close by. This weekend, Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem get up close and personal with the charismatic attorney about his upbringing, his family's dedication to immigration law, his work with First Lady Melania Trump and her parents, his Democratic ideals, his religious convictions, his widespread media commentaries, his candidacy in the upcoming mayor's race in Englewood, New Jersey, as well as his new book, "Safe Haven in America." Don't miss a most engaging discussion with a most engaging man. Tune in on Saturdays on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio and streaming live at KABC.com! Follow Gurvey's Law on Apple Podcasts and give us a review!