Gurvey's Law's First Anniversary and One of Our First Guests, Ed Alonzo

with Ed Alonzo and Dr. John Stalberg, Psychiatrist and Medical-Legal Expert

790 KABC, November 8, 2014

Gurvey's Law celebrates its 1 year anniversary with one of the first guests on the show, entertainer, actor and magician, Ed Alonzo. Join Kerri Kasem and Alan Gurvey as they talk to Ed about legal issues he has dealt with during his celebrated career. You will hear about Saved by the Bell...what really happened back then, where are they now, and the residuals; Michael Jackson's last days with Ed and his contract with the show that never happened; performing with Britney Spears; the Magic Castle and its president, Neil Patrick Harris; the behind the scenes world of magic; and more illuminating talk. Also, at the party will be the "Law Doc", Dr. John Stalberg with his poignant point of view on the topics of the day. Don't miss the magic!