End of Life Decisions: Biomedical Ethics and "Do Not Resuscitate"

with Martha Patterson, Elder Law Attorney and Larry Miller, M.D., Pain Management

790 KABC, July 12, 2014

Alan and Kerri Kasem will be talking about the difficult decisions that may need to be made at the end of a person’s life. Kerri will talk about her own experience stopping nutrition and hydration for her father Casey Kasem. Elder law attorney, Martha Patterson, will discuss the legal issues involved, while pain medicine specialist, Dr. Larry Miller, will talk about medical issues. Alan will be reflecting back on his studies of biomedical ethics at Brown University bringing to light philosophical issues concerning “killing vs. letting die”. The discussion will include the rights of the patient, the rights of family members, the rights of doctors and hospitals, the costs of keeping people alive, the “Do Not Resuscitate” directive, and legally protecting your rights before the day comes.