Parent Custody Rights and the Stand Up For Gus Foundation

with Jason Patric, Father and Actor and Fred Silberberg, Family Law Attorney

790 KABC, April 5, 2014

We meet up with Jason Patric, actor and attorney,Fred Silberberg to discuss the legal matters over parental custody rights and the Stand Up For Gus Foundation. The Stand Up For Gus Foundation aims to be a trusted resource by providing a supportive community that inspires real world transformation by engendering visibility to this worthy cause.  It is their mission to provide free legal aid to deserving families with limited resources as well as deliver helpful online content that educates and empowers. Together with their loyal collaborators and innovative leaders, they intend to reform our broken family court system through creating a bill that establishes equal rights and accountability. Don’t miss Gurvey's Law Saturdays at 2 pm PST on KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio or by hitting the “Listen Live” button at