Legends in the Law: Philip Boesch, Lead Civil Counsel for Anna Nichole Smith, Gary Coleman and McMartin Pre-School

with Philip Boesch, Business and Civil Litigation Trial Attorney and Film Producer

790 KABC, March 28, 2015

Gurvey's Law is honored to have yet another leading trial attorney on our program on Saturday at 2:00PM. Philip Boesch has a long history of winning some of the largest judgments in US history! He was lead trial counsel for Anna Nicole Smith and won a judgment called “Number One Judgment in the US” by US Lawyers Weekly. Mr. Boesch has represented the The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times in complex litigation. He won Gary Coleman’s case, and prevailed as lead counsel on the McMartin Pre-school civil case. If you are interested in litigation at the highest level, you will not want to miss Philip Boesch, as he joins Alan Gurvey & Kerri Kasem.