The Demolition of Workers' Compensation: Guess Who Usually Ends Up Paying for Workplace Injuries?

with Honorable John Gutierrez, retired WCAB Judge, Jason Marcus, Workers' Compensation Attorney and Robert McLaughlin, Workers' Compensation Attorney

790 KABC, May 16, 2015

The headlines: “The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation”. “Guess Who Usually Ends Up Paying for Workplace Injuries?” “ "ProPublica and NPR Say that Workers’ Compensation is Broken”. “OSHA Report Echos ProPublica and NPR’s Workers’ Compensation Findings”. These are actual headlines from various publications throughout the country over the last two months. ProPublica and NPR have concluded that the tax payer is often footing the bill for those injured on the job, and insurance companies and employers are profiting. Gurvey's Law takes a close look at the investigative reports by ProPublica and NPR that are splitting the fabric of the workers’ compensation system in this country. And, it affects everyone, whether injured or not! Joining host, Alan Gurvey, will be the Honorable Judge John Gutierrez (retired), Sacramento attorney Jason Marcus and San Diego attorney Robert McLaughlin to discuss why the public is now paying for work injuries. You will also hear from Kerri Kasem, who is on assignment in Las Vegas at the Billboard Music Awards. Don’t miss this explosive show .