Substance Abuse and Addiction

790 KABC, June 20, 2015

Gurvey's Law ushers in a new era of stimulating and informative radio with the premier show of The Doctors' Roundtable with Alan Gurvey. The Doctors’ Roundtable will air at 3:00 PM, right after Gurvey's Law. Substance Abuse and Addiction is our topic for the day. Just prior to the Doctors’ Roundtable, Gurvey’s Law with Alan Gurvey and Kerri Kasem will discuss substance abuse, addiction and lawyers. We are privileged to have with us attorneys who are former addicts, who have turned their lives around to become eminently successful. This is an important show for everyone, not just lawyers. What you will hear will really demonstrate that everything that can go wrong, can also go right!